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Day after day, customers return to the Black Diamond Bakery for a taste of the hearth-bake, old-fashioned breads that emerge from our brick oven. We carefully maintain the old recipes and baking techniques that were established in 1902. Breads are at the heart of our business, and we carefully guard the quality and ingredients that have been the backbone of The Bakery through two World Wars, indoor electricity, and the age of the internet.

Whole Grain Breads

Whole Grain 100% whole wheat and Sasquatch 7-grain

Swedish Hearth

Made with whole wheat, molasses and butter topped. Creamy textured bread with "grandma's oven" flavor.

Sasquatch (7-Grain)

Hearty, healthy bread made with cornmeal, wheat flour, white flour, oats, rye. Sprinkled with rolled oats.

7-Grain Rolls

Honey Wheat

Similar to the whole wheat, with exception of honey used to feed the yeast instead of sugar. Results in a soft, smooth loaf.

Whole Wheat

100% whole wheat bread in pan loaf. Healthy, tasty, hearty.

Country Hearth Bread

Delicious whole grain loaf made with oats, cornmeal, crushed wheat and a smattering of white flour. Baked into a loaf pan, an old favorite.

White Breads

Crystal Mountain and Maverick


Old-fashioned white bread made with unbleached flour, shaped in long loaf. Very useful for sandwiches or slices with a consistent size.


Long, tapered crispy loaves made in the traditional French style.

Garlic French

Our French loaf rolled inside with garlic paste.

Crystal Mountain

The famous signature bread that brings back customers from all generations; round loaf made with potato flour. Soft, fluffy bread with a cotton consistency. Scored on top and sprinkled to resemble the great snowy mountain itself! Unique.


Soft, creamy buttermilk bread, made with white four. Dense, soft, smooth texture in conventional loaves.

Flakey Rye

Soft rye loaf, medium dark, rolled with crunchy cracked wheat. (There is no caraway in our rye)


Rye bread recipe, pumpernickel flour, round loaf.


Traditional sourdough mixture with the flavor that makes our bread unique and a longtime favorite.

Sourdough Rolls

Crystal Mountain Rolls

Potato Rolls

French Rolls

Sweet Bread

All Cinnamon loaves of bread are a soft yellow sweetbread, rolled loosely with fillings that result in a full loaf bursting with flavor. Availability: Cinnamon, Cinnamon Raisin, Cinnamon Nut, and Date Nut


Cinnamon Raisin

Cinnamon Nut

Date Nut



9" Inch Pies * Sugar free pies available, ADD: $2.00




Dutch Apple





Wild Mountain Blackberry

Special order


10" Inch Pies * Sugar free pies available, ADD: $2.00

Banana Cream

Chocolate Cream

Chocolate Meringue

Coconut Cream

Coconut Meringue

Lemon Meringue



Strawberry Custard


Raspberry Cheesecake

Pumpkin Cheesecake


Plain Cake Donuts


Frosted Cake Donuts

Frosting: Cherry, Orange, Maple, Caramel, Chocolate, or Vanilla.

Old Fashioned Donuts

Glazed, Plain, or Chocolate Glaze

Raised Flour Donuts

Maple Bars, Chocolate, Bismarks (Creme Filled Donuts), Powdered Jelly Donuts, Persians with Maple, Persian with Maple and Nuts, Persian with Chocolate, Persian with Chocolate and Nuts

Apple Fritters


Blueberry, Lemon poppy seed, Almond, Orange 'n Cream Cheese, Cherry, Poppy Seed, and Apple Spice


Figure '8', Almond, Cream Cheese, Apricot, Raspberry and Cream Cheese, Marionberry and Cream Cheese, and Lemon Track


Blueberry, Chocolate, Raspberry


Apple, Cherry, Marionberry

Russian Pretzels


Regular, Brownie with nut or a Macaroon Brownie. All brownies are topped or layered with fudge.

Oatmeal Fudge Bar



Little Bit of Heaven

Bread Pudding

Lemon Bar

Nanaimo Bars

Regular or Cappucino



Raspberry, Chocolate, Lemon, Blueberry

Walnut Horns

Apple Strudel

Bear Claw


Raspberry and Apricot Jelly in between a sugar cookie

Chocolate Mousse

Coconut Nut Bars

Coconut Macaroons

Coconut Macaroons plain or Chocolate dipped Coconut Macaroons

Marionberry Bars


Peanut Butter

Snicker Doodles

Oatmeal Raisin

Chocolate Chip

Russian Tea Cake

Giant Chocolate Chip

Frosted Sugar Cookies

Mini Cookies

Bakers Dozen Mini Cookies

Cinnamon Rolls

Cinnamon Rolls

Maple or Chocolate covered Cinnamon Rolls, Whole wheat apple (Plain or Glazed), or Cream cheese, frosted sweet dough (The half pounder)

Sweet Bread

Small loaf or Large loaf: Banana, Blueberry, Chocolate, Almond, Lemon (Sugar free available)

Danish Style Coffee Cakes

Cherry, Apple, Blueberry, Almond, Marionberry, and Apricot

Cake Selections

Carrot Cake

White Chocolate Cake

Triple Chocolate Cake

Lemon Coconut Cake

Basic Cake

White, Chocolate, Marble, Banana, Spice

Basic Icings

Vanilla butter creme, Chocolate butter creme

Basic Fillings

Cherry, Marion berry, Fudge, Raspberry, Strawberry, Maple

Supreme Cakes +

Tiramisu, White Chocolate Mousse, Chocolate Mousse Cake, Flack Forest Cake, Chocolate Raspberry Hazelnut, Red Velvet, German Chocolate, Tres-Leches & Italian Rum, Pina Colada, Cheesecake, Carrot

Gourmet Fillings +

White Chocolate Mousse, Strawberry Mousse, Lemon Custard, Coconut Cream, Orange Mousse, Mango Mousse, Raspberry Mousse, Cappuccino Mousse, Cream Cheese Mousse, Bavarian Cream, Cream Cheese

Supreme Icings +

Bavarian Cream, Whipped Topping, Cream Cheese, Ganache European Butter Creme, Mousses

3D Design Cakes

Made to your specifications. Please call us for details

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