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About us

Welcome to the Historic Black Diamond Bakery


1884 (November 15) Ethan A. Scott and his wife sold the land that the bakery was built on to the Black Diamond Mining Co. [Vol. 33D 398]

1902 Willard (bill) Hadly built the bakery and oven.

1904 Land on which the bakery was built was leased to the Pacific Coast Coal Co. [Vol. 14L. p 401] 

1910 Willard Hadley's daughter, Francys, was born in the bakery

1910 Fabro, Hadley's Father-In-Law, was listed as the baker on the U.S. Census.

1911-1915 Lapham listed as bakery Manager [King County Phone Directory, Seattle Public Library]

1918 Evans baked for Lapham. Evan's son was born in the bakery. 

1920 Willard Hadley and his son Emil operated the bakery.

1922-1928 Bakery was operated by Emil Hadley. Emil was assisted by his sister, Fancys Hadley, and his Aunt Ruby Fabro. 

1944 Eipper bought the bakery from Pacific Coast Coal. Co. 

1963 George Eipper sold the bakery to James Leroy.

(?) James Leroy sold the bakery to F.A. Dawson.

1969 F. A. Dawson sold the bakery to Wallace Smith

1985 Wallace Smith sold the bakery to Doug Wieding.

1989 Dough weiding added a Deli wing to the south end of the bakery building

1994 Coffee Shop wing added to the north end of the bakery building

2007 Doug Weiding sold the Bakery to Seoung and Moon Bang.

2007 The Bang's expanded hours to evenings and began serving dinners in the deli.

2010 Juice Bar and Ice Cream Shoppe were added to offerings in the Coffee Shop.

2010 City of Black Diamond paved and landscaped Railroad Avenue in front of the Bakery.

2018 Seoung and Moon Bang sold The Bakery to Eunjeong Kim and Insung Kang.


The Bakery became famous after many years of baking bread in our "Old Brick Oven", built by it's founders in 1884.People come from miles around to purchase hot bread and bakery supplies from the oven daily. It used to be if you didn't get here before noon, you would see a 'CLOSED' sign on the front of the door. Now, bread is available most of the time, till sold out or at closing at 9 pm.

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Come and see where it all started. 

In 1989, a small deli was added to the bakery, which took off with great success, since all of the sandwiches are made with bread baked every morning, right here at the Bakery.  The need for serving a hearty breakfast soon became apparent, and in December of 1991, we began cooking breakfast for the enjoyment of friends and families from just about everywhere. In 1994, we added a large coffee shop to accommadate both large and small groups to allow the leisurely enjoyment of piping hot, fresh coffee and pastries, direct from the Bakery. An Espresso bar, Gift Shop and Banquet room were added to enhance the Black Diamond experience. In 2007, The Bakery was purchased by Insung Kang and Eunjeong Kim. They work very hard to ensure that the traditions, recipes and quality of Black Diamond Bakery continue. Each decision is made with respect to the expectation of steadfast consistency that our customers have come to depend on. 

We heartily thank you for your business. "Welcome Home"

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